Somen Nandi, Ph.D. & Scientist

Managing Director

Dr. Somen Nandi’s commitment to improving the plight of the global health disparities community began as a young boy in his hometown of Calcutta, India. After graduating with his Ph.D. from India’s prestigious Bose Institute, he received training in genome mapping at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) where he helped develop new rice varieties to promote global food security. Somen is a strong believer in the “teach a man to fish” philosophy. Improving individual and community health in the developing world through the appropriate use of technology and sustainable economic growth is at the core of Somen’s management style. Working as a team, Somen and Ray identify and oversee GHS projects and the researchers, philanthropic groups, local social entrepreneurs, and private companies needed to turn ideas into affordable and sustainable health solutions for the developing world. Somen’s training in the biotechnology industry and his extensive experience with regulatory agencies such as USDA, the FDA, and institutional review boards provides the regulatory expertise needed for GHS to develop safe and effective health solutions for human and animal health. Somen brings decades of successful experience working in developing and developed countries and managing teams with diverse expertise, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. In addition to his busy schedule, Somen enjoys soccer, gardening, and biking. His is also active in many cultural activities in the South Asian community of northern California.

Raymond Rodriguez, Ph.D Executive Director
Delia Bethell, Ph.D Clinical/Regulatory Consultant
Megan Doyle Research Analyst
Editha Setiawan Research Analyst
Pranaya Venkatapuram Research Analyst
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