September 2012

Somen attends the inauguration of the Filaria and General Hospital in Savar, Bangladesh. Somen travels to the Indian Sundarbans with a team of ICT experts to design a high-speed wireless network to reach homes, small businesses, and smallholder farmers in the Sundarbans.

July 2012

Global HealthShare commits to provide assistance to the Land O’Lakes International Development Division for part of a 5-year, $15 million dollar USAID program to boost the health and productivity of the Rwandan dairy industry.

June 2012

Ray travels to New Delhi, India to speak at the “Paths of Convergence in Agriculture, Health, and Wealth” conference sponsored by the McGill World Platform and INCLEN Trust International. More than 200 prominent policy makers, opinion leaders, scientists, and business representatives were in attendance. Ray served as a team leader for the Roadmap 2 session entitled “New Models for Engaging the Private Sector.”

February 2012

Somen travels to India for the official launch of the Sundarban project. The visit marks the beginning of epidemiological and agricultural assessment.

Global HealthShare partners with Human Needs Project to develop and deliver nutrition- and immunity-based health solutions to address problems of malnutrition and disease in the Kibera Slum district of Nairobi, Kenya.

December 2011

The Office of Outreach and International Programs at UC Davis awards Global HealthShare a grant to develop an agricultural extension program to improve nutritional health, increase food security, and provide income for farmers in the rural, low-income region of the Indian Sundarban Delta.

November 2011

Global HealthShare partners with the Counsel for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa with the goal of developing new, more affordable immunoglobulins and vaccines against rabies.

October 2011

Global HealthShare partners with Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University, the largest university system in India, to improve network connectivity and telemedicine systems to rural areas. The goal of this project is to enhance nutrition, health, and agricultural outreach efforts to the inhabitants of rural and climate-challenged regions.

July 2011

Global HealthShare partners with OneWorld Health/PATH to help accelerate the translation of research on new medicines and therapies for neglected tropical diseases.

March 2011

Ray, Somen, and Delia travel to India and Bangladesh to meet with government officials and leaders in the health and biotechnology fields. The team's most memorable experiences were its visit to the ICDDR,B and its trip to Savar, a rural town 24 km northwest of Dhaka, where construction of the new Filaria and General Hospital was just beginning. The hospital will be an anchor institution and research center for the prevention and treatment of neglected tropical diseases.

February 2011

Ray and Somen present the Global HealthShare concept at a conference in Tokyo Japan sponsored by the Research Association for Biotechnology and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI).

November 2010

Global HealthShare partners with the International Center for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B) to develop next-generation nutritional therapies for children suffering from infectious diarrhea.

Global HealthShare partners with the Government of Bangladesh Disease Control Unit and the Institute for Allergy and Clinical Immunology Bangladesh to develop novel immunotherapies against rabies and develop strategies for its control in Bangladesh and the greater Southeast Asian region.

October 2010

Global HealthShare marks its international debut by sponsoring a 3-day workshop at UC Davis. The event is hosted by the California Institute for Food and Agricultural Research (CIFAR) and attended by over 40 members from eight countries.

September 2010

Global HealthShare partners with Technology Seed Incubation, Ltd., Japan to identify private sector partners and resources that can assist in the implementation of our projects.

August 2010

Global HealthShare partners with Loma Linda University School of Medicine and Adventist Health International to develop an oral tri-component vaccine against diarrheal disease.

January 2010


Using the Center of Excellence in Nutritional Genomics as a platform, Global HealthShare is created. Ray and Somen identify members, institutions and organizations who share their vision of reducing disease and creating economic opportunity in the developing world through the power of sharing.

December 2009

Ray and Somen begin discussing the need for a global network of scientists, healthcare professionals, and policy makers to translate the benefits of 21st century biomedical and nutritional research into improved health and sustainable livelihoods for the developing world.