GHS in the News

The following is a list of selected works about GHS highlighted recently in national and international media/magazines.

Scaling Up Protein Production. In: Biocompare, July 12, 2016.

UC Davis Working to Help Speed Ebola Drug Production. In: Global Biodefense, News on Pathogens and Preparedness, January 8, 2015.

UC Davis: Making a Difference in California and Around the World. In: YouTube, UC Davis News Services, January 6, 2015.

Transforming health care (Picture 3 in Holiday greeting card). In: Chancellor Linda Katehi’s sessions greetings for 2014 and New Year wish.

Grant to speed Ebola drug production. In: UC Davis News, December 2014.

Dairy training aims to boost Rwanda to health by Pat Bailey. In: The Daily Democrat News, June 14, 2014.

USAID in milk quality drive. In: Rwanda Eye, Kigali, Rwanda, March 21, 2014.

Clinical Microbiology Training Starts with Much Hope. In: Rwanda Agricultural Board Newsletter, March 20, 2014.

US scientists join efforts to enhance dairy sector output. In: The New Time, Kigali, Rwanda, March 12, 2014.

Girinka program expresses its social protectionism. In: MINAGRI Weekly Flash News, Kigali, Rwanda, February 1, 2013.

Better Global Health through Sharing. In: Asian Age, Dhaka, Bangladesh, June 10, 2011 (New Age Xtra Sunday Magazine).

UCD-led initiative seeks better global health through sharing. In: Davis Enterprise, April 7, 2011.

Health: Edible Advice. In: Nature, vol. 468, pages S10–S12, December 23, 2010.

The FDA Versus Africa: Hysteria over genetically modified crops hampers solutions to diarrhea mortality. In: The Wall Street Journal, September 21, 2010.