Megan Doyle

Research Analyst

Megan is a recent graduate of University of California, Davis, where she received a degree in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior and a minor in Writing. Before joining Global HealthShare, Megan worked in basic research laboratories where she learned many things, but most importantly that her interests were not at the lab bench. Her interest in global health piqued after learning about surgeons who traveled through the Himalayas performing low cost eye surgeries for people suffering from cataracts, and she became inspired by this approach of addressing a common and widespread global health problem in a cost-efficient and sustainable way. Megan has been a member of Global HealthShare since the summer of 2010, and in her capacity as a research analyst, she contributes significantly to the planning and daily operations of GHS. She has presented posters and given presentations on GHS projects at regional and national meetings. She is a recent graduate of the UC Davis Graduate School of Management’s Entrepreneurship Academy where her concept note on addressing the problem of rabies in the developing world and was well received by faculty and members of the investment community. Megan enjoys living in Northern California, but is committed to exploring the world and tackling some of its most complex and neglected health problems. When not working on projects, grant proposals, publications, and promotional materials for GHS, Megan can usually be found skiing in Lake Tahoe, biking around Davis, enjoying spicy foods, and cooking with friends.

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