Aaron Kwong

Research Analyst

Aaron is a recent graduate of the University of California, Davis where he received a degree of Bachelor of Science in Biochemical Engineering (major) from the College of Engineering and Technology Management (minor) from the Graduate School of Management. Ever since he was young, Aaron had a great fascination for medicine and healthcare. That strong interest sparked into burning passion once he reached college and found a program specialized in the design, production, and optimization of biomolecules. During his studies, Aaron became interested in conducting scientific research, so he joined the Jasieniuk Lab in his junior year and worked on a project involving population genetics (Determining Geographic Spread and Mechanism of Glufosinate and Glyphosate Resistance in Italian Ryegrass). Desiring to help connect students with professionals in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries to inspire them, Aaron became President of ISPE at UC Davis in his senior year. After completing his senior capstone design project (Facility Design for the Treatment of Ebola: Production of ZMapp™ through Transient Expression in Whole Nicotiana benthamiana Plants), Aaron was invited by the McDonald Lab and Global HealthShare to further develop his project into a publication (Techno-Economic Analysis of a Transient Plant-Based Platform for Monoclonal Antibody Production). Aaron’s interest in improving global health and wellness stems from the publication’s great application to growing economies through a novel low-cost pharmaceuticals production platform. In his leisure time, Aaron enjoys volunteering, photography, videography, writing, programming, composing music, and creating artwork.

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