Junji Yodoi

Junji Yodoi, M.D

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Yodoi is a Prof.Em. of Kyoto University and is the Chairman of JBPA (Japan Biostress Research Promotion Alliance). He was a Professor of in Department of Biological Responses, Insitute for Virus Research (IVR), Kyoto University, retiring in April 2010. After graduation from Kyoto University Medical School in 1971 and upon completing postgraduate courses in the University Hospital and the IVR, he was appointed as Assistant Professor in the Institute for Immunology in the Medical School. Between 1977-1980, Dr. Yodoi was a Research Associate in Johns Hopkins University Department of Medicine under Prof. Kimishige Ishizaka. After, he returned to Kyoto Univ. and was appointed as Professor in the Department of Prevention and Therapeutics, IVR in 1989, and the moved to the Department of Biological Responses in 1990. He was also appointed as the Human Stress Signal Research Center, Head of BioMedical Special Research Unit, AIST (National Inst Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan) from 2001 to 2004. He was also a group leader of Translational Res Center, Thioredoxin Project in Kyoto Univ. Hospital from 2003 to 2007.