Andrea Tobias

Andrea Tobias, Ph.D.

Venture Partner

Andrea Tobias, Ph.D has 14 years experience as a life sciences venture capitalist in the UK, France, and US (Abingworth, Apax, CMEA Ventures) and is currently a Venture Partner with Brandon Capital Partners based in Australia. She created 3 novel venture philanthropy funds and investment processes for the National MS Society as Portfolio Advisor to Fast Forward LLC. She spent 8+ years in the US biotech industry focused on strategic development, operations, technology assessment, business development, and investment (Chiron, Genentech, Triton Biosciences). Andrea also spent 5 years as a cancer research scientist in Canada and France (McGill University, College de France, Roussel Uclaf). She received a BA in Physiology/Anatomy from the University of California, Berkeley and a PhD in Endocrinology at the University of California San Francisco.