Kingshuk Sharma

Kingshuk Sharma, M.D., FACP


Dr. Kingshuk Sharma is a board-certified practicing internist at Mercy Medical Group in Sacramento, CA. He has extensive experience in treating a wide spectrum of diseases, both in developed and under-developed countries and offers counseling on preventative health, immunization, diet and nutrition. He is also active in clinical research, trained in safety and pharmacovigilance of marketed pharmaceuticals and in FDA and other regulatory authorities. He is also an expert in Medicare and Medicaid denial and compliance management. Dr. Sharma served as a director of Lake Region Clinic, ND and played an active role in the merger and acquisition of two clinics. He received his MD from Dhaka Medical College, Bangladesh in 1990 and completed his residency at the University Hospital of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, New York. He enjoys reading, music and travel.