Cheryl Scott

Cheryl Scott, RN, NP, DVM, MPVM

Project Director

Dr. Cheryl Scott spent ten years as a registered nurse and nurse practitioner before entering UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Many of her years practicing human medicine were spent in public and global health efforts, such as in the International Red Cross refugee health care program in Cambodia. After graduating from Veterinary School in 1994, Dr. Scott practiced as a veterinary family practitioner, mainly in emergency medicine and geriatric/hospice care for pets. She began wildlife medicine and research in 1997, which led to the completion of an MPVM degree in 2006. As Director of the Calvin Schwabe One Health Project, Dr. Scott brings her confluence of human, animal, and ecosystem experience to the program in a way that can be inspiring to a new generation of veterinary students expecting to graduate with an appreciation, awareness, and expertise in the overlap of human, animal, and environmental health.