Malay Mridha

Malay Mridha, MBBS/MPH

Research Assistant

Dr. Mridha has ten years of extensive experience in health program development, implementation and policy analysis. As an Assistant Scientist for the International Centre for Diarrheal Disease Research in Bangladesh he managed research projects in the field of child and reproductive health and provided strategic guidance for project management. He also served as the Coordinator for MotherNewborNet, a regional network in Bangladesh to move research into action. As a Medical Officer and Deputy Director for the Bangladesh Women's Health Coalition, Dr. Mridha worked with strategy formulation committees to fight HIV/AIDS, developing a field staff of doctors, counselors and educators, and also directed programming in a broad variety of fields including reproductive health and nutrition. In addition to his MSc degrees in Nutrition and Health Economics, Dr. Mridha is currently completing his Ph.D. focusing on Nutritional Biology at UC Davis.