Gurdev Khush

Gurdev Khush, Ph.D., FRS

Adjunct Professor & World Food Prize Winner

Dr. Khush is an internationally renowned geneticist and breeder currently serving as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Plant Sciences at UCD. He was awarded the 1996 World Food Prize for his unparalleled achievements in improving the global rice supply during a period of exponential population growth. Dr. Khush has spent over thirty years directing and participating in both genetic research and delivery of rice varieties to underserved populations, and has served as the head of the Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biochemistry Division of International Rice Research Institute. He has played a key role in the development of more than 300 innovative rice varieties. He has received honorary doctorates from ten universities, consults for over 15 national governments and was awarded the 2007 Golden Sickle Award, the 2001 International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Award from the Chinese government, Japan Prize and the 2001 Padma Shri award from president of India, among many others. Dr. Khush is also a member of National Academy of Sciences, USA, Fellow of Royal Society, UK and Fellow of Third World Academy of Sciences, Italy.