Cecilia Chi-Ham

Cecilia Chi-Ham, Ph.D.

Director of Science & Technology

Dr. Cecilia Chi-Ham is currently the Director of Science & Technology for PIPRA, a non-profit initiative that works to improve developing countries' access to technologies. She earned a B.Sc. degree in Chemistry and Environmental Sciences at the University of the Ozarks and a Ph.D. in Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Southern Mississippi. In 2004, upon completing postdoctoral work at Michigan State University in the field of plant biology, Dr. Chi-Ham joined PIPRA. Dr. Chi-Ham leads PIPRA's Science & Technology program which focuses in facilitating access and development of agricultural and bio-medical innovations. The program's activities include developing research tools with maximum freedom-to-operate to support a wide array of R & D applications for humanitarian and commercial purposes, facilitating technology transfer, building new partnerships and research collaborations, and providing legal information on biotechnology tools. The program's multi-disciplinary activities straddle the delicate junction between sciences, legal, business development, and regulatory affairs necessary for the research, development, and deployment of new agricultural and bio-medical innovations in developed and developing countries.